Olbermann-The Republican Small Business Code Speak

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Immanuel Wallerstein (Yale Univ.) Interviewed On Russia Today 10-5-09

Rachel Maddow on Sorry State of South Carolina

Rachel Maddow on the Rightwing Health Care Conjob 8-14-09

Roubini and Cohen on the economy 7-19-09

Michael Lewis-Liar's Poker-on the economy

Interview with Aaron Russo-filmmaker (90Min)

Aptera Electric Car--Very Cool Car-3-Wheeled

David letterman Discusses the Tesla Electric Car With Chairman

Nassim Nicholas Taleb--Brilliant Author of the Black Swan 3-31-09

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Nouriel Roubini and Eric Sprott Interview: Canada and US 4-09

John Williams-Unemployment Economics Statistician: late 1-09

Economic Professor Michael Hudson Speaks on Bailout 2-09

Professor Michael Hudson on Economy--3-09

F. William Engdahl (world economist)--What Obama Should Do!!! part 4

Questions and Answers from the Renegade Economist-2-13-09

What Is A Central Bank?

Economic Casino Capitalism from the Renegade Economist

Question and Answers About the Economy--2-09

Dr. Roubini and Dr. Taleb- economic crisis 2-9-09

The Fed's Borrowing from 1919-to the Worst Ever-2008

Don't Talk the Cops (1)--very interesting!! by Law Prof. Duane

Don't Talk to Cops (2)-the interesting officer's response

In Defense of Union Workers

Did You Know 2.0?

full length video on the corruption of the Federal Reserve system

Unemployment and Foreclosure Numbers 12-1-08

The Great Depression 11-17-08

Views of a Failing Economy and More 11-17-08

William Engdahl-economist-10-31-08

Cartoon Explains Current Financial Crisis

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